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VW Expo Stonor Park

VW Expo Stonor Park

31st May - 1st June 2014
By: Nicola & Luke Atkinson, in Archie Blue 1976 late Bay.

Kicking off the Summer meets was the VW Expo at Stonor Park. Nestled in the Oxfordshire countryside, it was a beautiful place to experience our first ‘camp-out’ with our bus Archie.
On Saturday afternoon we pulled into a large field that was at the bottom of a large hill, it was quite a stunning setting. During the afternoon more of the Wolfsberg Weedhuggers clan arrived to camp. In total there were approximately 10 campers and a few Beetles and a Ghia or two. We had a lovely afternoon and evening and for Luke and I it was the perfect occasion to get to know everyone better. We talked into the night; BBQ’d a mountain of food and had marshmallow games galore!
We woke up to blazing sunshine on the Sunday, had breakfast and strolled up to the main event. The VW Expo was very nicely laid out, with show cars lined up and gleaming in the sunshine, a wide variety of traders who were arranged really well with food and drinks vendors dotted here and there to keep you cool in the early summer heat. There were several auto jumbo stalls and lots of people selling lovely vintage items to compliment the vintage vehicles. The only issue we found was that, due to the beautifully rural location, if you didn’t have enough cash on you and wanted to pay by card, there wasn’t any mobile reception/service to complete a transaction‚Ķ
People were coming from far and wide to the VW Expo at Stonor Park and there was a steady stream of cars and vans pouring in all day long.
The VW Expo at Stonor Park is great for a chilled out, back to basics, camping experience and a very well planned show to boot! All in all, exactly what you want from a VW weekend.

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