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Apex Festival 2013

Apex Festival 2013

18 & 19 May 2013, Lydden Hill Race Circuit, Wooton, Canterbury, Kent

Headed off Friday afternoon I and James had a leisurely drive down with some great banter on the radios on the way. Something about cruising at 55mph in your bus that i find very relaxing, what’s the rush? Camped with a load of the Lo 'E' Nuf guys and girls, who were great company around the fire at night from what I can remember. This was a great show and will defiantly be returning next year, circuit racing was entertaining including the drifting Beetle’s and watching turbo_nutta tear his way round the circuit. Drive in cinema and silent disco which could have gone on for hours, no one wanted to leave with a few even dancing on the roof of a splitty!