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Club History

Wolfsburg Weed Huggers Volkswagen Club

Founded in 1992 by Christian, Katherine and Nick. the totally unique club name was the product of a "we aren’t going home until someone comes up with something catchy" strategy. And thus the Wolfsburg Weed Huggers were born. Originally meeting at the Whittington Pub in Pinner, members fluctuated 4-5 people in the winter months through to 30+ in the summer.

In 1998 Christian and Katherine moved down to Brighton and started to organise a regular club meet in Devils Dyke under the banner of Wolfsburg Weed Huggers South which began very successfully, attracting 25+ Volkswagens in the first meet. Unfortunately due to logistical problems and a lack of direction the Southern arm was disbanded shortly after.

Meanwhile in Pinner the Wolfsburg Weed Huggers were also facing harsh times, with original founders of the club either living elsewhere or not having a VW on the road, Mark and Carl who had been keen Weed Huggers from the outset, were sometimes the only members turning up. Using valiant dedication they pulled the regular Wednesday meet through the winter of 1998 and as the summer months of 1999 arrived, so did the cars. More cars than anyone could have hoped for - Bug Jam that year saw the Wolfsburg Weed Huggers shoe-horning over 40 Volkswagens onto the largest club camping pitch Santa Pod had to offer. Thanks to the clever organisational skills of Mark and Christian, quite a remarkable turnaround considering the dire situation the had been faced six months previously. Following their success at Bug Jam 1999 the club once again reduced in numbers, and for various reasons moved their Wednesday meet from Pinner to the Six Bells pub in Ruislip.

Since then the Wolfsburg Weed Huggers Volkswagen Club has ticked over quietly in the background of the VW Scene, never stalling nor ever really getting into gear. Whilst members have come and gone Mark and Carl, along with Carlo, Mark, Julian, Dennis, Steve and James have always made sure that new recruits are made to feel welcome.

Essentially the Wolfsburg Weed Huggers is a club run by the people for the people. There is no subscription required, little formality, absolutely no bad men in escorts (since I sold mine) just a group of like-minded friends sitting around, chatting about whatever lights their candle and arranging who will bring the tools for the convoy to the next show.